Dentist's surgery in downtown Veszprém

Complex dentistry solutions with warranty!

A beautiful smile, healthy and well-groomed teeth offer self-confidence, fresh breath which ensure emergence and good social relations. Our team is ready to provide you with these; we have experience, proficiency (which is constantly refined), up-to-date technical background and a well-organized team. We offer longer warranty than usual for any technical failure. Unfortunately, we cannot offer the same for illnesses.

It is important for us to make our services affordable for everyone. Of course we pay similarly special attention to our private patients who visit our praxis from more and more remote places. We believe that we can get the best results by the cooperation of both the doctor and the patient. That is why we don’t leave our patients on their own after the treatments, but we provide them consultations, yearly filter examinations and prevention programs.

Our services are developed in a way to provide treatment and prevention for every member of the family, from the children’s prevention programs, through implantations, to removable dentures. Or, if we happen to meet special problems, we use our contacts to find the perfect specialist.

We hope we will be honored to welcome you among our patients.