Our company pays special attention to technical development. We are ready to take considerable financial risk to keep the pace of development. Owning to continuous investments, we can proudly state that our praxis is one of the most well-equipped in the county. We are striving for keep up with modern needs and keep our patients satisfied. Here are some of our new equipments.

’Diplomat Economy’ operatory. In our 3-operatory-praxis we have 2 package not older than 3 years, they are equipped with ultrasonic cavitron, optic fiber handpieces, etc.

DIAGNOdent Pen is the updated version of KAVO’s great invention. It is not only capable of detecting caries on the surface but between the teeth too. High-tech caries detection needs high-tech devices which were perilously available only in laboratories.

Conventional methods of identification are not sufficiently reliable to detect hidden caries. Adults particularly suffer from proximal and secondary caries, these are hardly detactable since visual diagnosis is highly difficult. Hidden caries remain hidden in two-thirds of all instances of classic examination methods. The laser beam of the KaVo DIAGNOdent pen proximal probe makes detection possible: a prism deflects the detector laser beam 100° so that nothing remains hidden around the contact point.

Only KaVo DIAGNOdent pen you reliably detect hidden caries in the proximal region. No modern praxis can lack this instrument.

Caries in its early stages and hidden caries can thus be reliably detected. This enables minimally invasive treatments, the patient is subjected to less stress, and more tooth substance is retained.

Digora Optima digital x-ray imaging system – this instruments, instead of developing x-ray films, create images on x-ray sensitized plates which are placed in the mouth. These plates are scanned and the picture is instantly forwarded to a computer. The main advantages of digital x-ray systems are their short image processing time, low x-ray dose (1/10 of the dose used for regulalr x-ray films), easy image storage, easy and fast image processing, detailed images, etc.

VITA Easyshade Compact is a handheld shade-matching device to precisely measure shades of teeth for cosmetic dentistry and esthetic restoration. It ensures perfect measurements every time, excluding error deriving from eye tiredness or colored backlighting. In order to prevent patient-to-patient infection, disposable polyurethane foil cover is used.

Dental Camera – It enables the dentist to create images inside the mouth where normal digital cameras are not applicable. The patient is able to monitor the area under treatment or the final result. Of course, the images can be recorded on a computer and sent to an other specialist or a dental technician.

The Raypex 4 VDW Apex Locator enables the accurate of lenght determination the apical constriction. The graphic display and the warning sound enable the dentist to have a magnified view of the apical area to prevent over-instrumentation.

The Endo-Mate TC NSK endodontic micrometer enables a faster and more accurate treatment in the root canal. The device has 5-level torque setting, auto-reverse function which prevents the accidental break of the head. Connected to an apex locator and by its wireless design it is easy and comfortable to use.

The Bilight soft-laser is a state-of-the-art device. The bifunctional laserhead combines visible red and infrared beams. These highly increase the laserheads efficiency, resulting in decreased treatment time. The visible beam enables more precise application. Other advantage of the bifunctional head is that it easily adapts to special needs of different treatments; the red beam is primarily applied for surface treatments (e.g. ulcers), the infrared beam enters the tissues more deeply and applicable, for example, in the case of rheumatic diseases. By attaching different adapters various ventricles can be treated (mouth, ears, vagina, etc.).

Bilight appliances represent the highest standard among soft-lasers. They allow simple, fast and effective laser treatment.